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Epiphany 2, Series B, 2021 1 Corinthians 6.12-20


Read Today’s Reading » +++++++ Christian morality isn’t restrictive; it’s freeing! Christian morality isn’t holding us back from enjoying life. Christian morality is living the new life we’ve been given. It’s living in and enjoying our salvation.   It’s easy to think that Christian morality (you know, like the Ten Commandments and all the standards for how we are to […]

Christmas 2, Series B, 2021 Ephesians 1.3-14


Read Today’s Reading » +++++++ Have I got some good news for you! God has predestined you for adoption through Jesus Christ. God has made up his mind about you. He has set his heart on you. And there is no better time to hear the good news that God has predestined us than now—at the start of a new year. Three […]

Christmas 1, Series B, 2020 Luke 2.22-40

Read Today’s Reading » +++++++ The First Sunday After Christmas is good to hear from Simeon in Luke chapter 2. It’s good because the First Sunday After Christmas can seem like a letdown, like the highpoint of our Christmas celebration has come and gone. For weeks we prepared, and then finally the climax of our celebration: Christmas […]

Advent 4, Series B, 2020 Luke 1.26-38


Read Today’s Reading » +++++++ Christmas isn’t about us as much as it’s about the love of God. If Mary makes anything clear, it’s that Christmas isn’t about us, our status, our accomplishments, or our success. It’s about the gracious and abundant love of God.  There are things in life that make us stop and […]

Advent 3, Series B, 2020 Psalm 126


Having joy doesn’t mean everything is ok.   Today we lit the pink candle on the Advent wreath, which is the joy candle. Traditionally this Sunday in the church year is called Gaudete, which in Latin means rejoice or be glad. And all of our readings today are filled with mentions of joy and gladness. Even the […]

Advent 2, Series B, 2020 Mark 1.1-8


Read Today’s Reading » +++++++ In our gospel reading today we hear about John the Baptist. The New Testament doesn’t talk much about John the Baptist—only a few short passages. But John plays an important role. John is like a siren, or a flashing red sign, or an emergency alarm going off. He is standing […]

Advent 1, Series B, 2020 Isaiah 64.1-9


Read Today’s Reading » +++++++ Finally, Advent is here! We can stop pretending that we’re okay. We can stop pretending that with a little hard work and determination we can right the ship. We can stop pretending that we can make it work out if we just try harder or elect the right people or if our side wins. We […]

Pentecost 24, Series A, 2020 1 Thessalonians 5.1-11


Read Today’s Reading » +++++++ Now is the time for battle. Now is the time to prepare and be ready to defend ourselves from the onslaught of evil.   It seems that if there’s ever been a time in our life when evil is winning, it’s right now. Political conflict continues with no end in sight. The conflict between political parties is alive […]

Pentecost 23, Series A, 2020 Matthew 25.1-13


Read Today’s Reading » +++++++ “Watch therefore, for you know neither the day nor the hour.”   This parable from Jesus is terrifying. It’s like a nightmare. The one thing you’re looking forward to passes you by because you weren’t ready.   You know how this works, right? I was talking to a pastor friend of mine this week, and he […]